GFWC Vernon Township Woman’s Club

General Federation of Women’s Clubs

Vernon, New Jersey

Highlands District

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President’s Message

Power.  A five-letter word that conveys several meanings.  Sometimes it implies the ability to do something, or to be in control.  For many of us, it recently referred to electricity.  The fierce winter storms taught us how utterly powerless we can be when we have no power.  No lights, no heat, no water.  Things we take for granted.  Fortunately, utility crews worked diligently to restore our power.  

Living without power, even for just a few days, made us appreciate it even more when we got it back.  We were grateful for the control as much as the electricity.  Yet some unfortunate people have no control, no power over their lives.  Abandoned nursing home residents, human trafficking victims, the physically and emotionally abused. Even when the lights are on, they have no power, no way to regain control, no utility crew to come to their rescue. Their situations last much longer than a few days; for some it’s a lifetime.  Through tiny gestures and immense projects, our club helps all of these people feel just a little more in control.  Let’s never take it for granted.  


“Time spent on self-reflection is never wasted.  It is an intimate date with yourself.”

- Dr. Paul T.P. Wong

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Our Next Meeting

Thursday, March 22, 2018




Freeholder Sylvia Petillo

“Women in Politics”

The Club usually meets on the fourth Thursday of each month,

 September through June at 7:00 PM in the

Vernon Senior Center at 21 Church Street, Vernon, NJ.

Guests are always welcome!